Caffeina Coffee Roasts

We source USDA organic, fair trade and free market coffee

That means all farms we buy from have certain regulations for their farmers, villages and the environment.

We only buy and roast coffee beans from farms that take care of their employees, villages, farmers and their land.

  • Espresso
    African, Indonesian, South American blend

    Our signature espresso blend initially has smooth buttery notes, followed by a deep rich full bodied with a caramel color with sweet macadamia nutty notes, ending the profile with an espresso punch. Outstanding as espresso or brewed blend.

  • Swiss Water Decaf Espresso
    African, Indonesian, South American blend

    Our signature swiss water decaf espresso is a very smooth initially, rich and full bodied in flavor, and dark golden crema in color. Outstanding for both espresso and drip coffee.

  • Coffee Studio House Blend
    Indonesian blend

    Our signature house blend has an earthy smooth lasting profile, with deep smokey tobacco finish.

    Also available in SWD House blend.

  • Idahome Blend
    South American, Indonesian

    A full-bodied blend, perfect for breakfast. Smooth mild initial profile, full lasting complex in the body with a bold bite at the end.

  • 43.6187 N, 116.2146 W
    South American, Indonesian

    A new signature blend highlighting the coordinates of Boise Idaho. Bold, smooth, full-bodied blend with tobacco and molasses notes.  

    Also known as "The Coordinates Blend"

  • European Dark

    A combination of dark-roasted Central American coffee and a dark roasted Indonesian creates this bold, smokey full bodied blend.

  • French Roast
    South American

    A dark roast, with intense aroma and very pungent in flavor. The perfect brew to serve with rich desserts.

  • Dark Roasted Sumatra

    The most popular amongst Caffeina dark roast drinkers. Bold and full in flavor, earthy and woodsey, with deep tobacco and chocolate notes. 

  • Sumatra

    Sumatra coffees possess a very rich, earthy flavor with tobacco and chocolate notes. Sumatra coffees are famous for their peculiar flavor profile, low acidity, thick body, and rustic flavors that can often be described as earthy.

  • Kenya AA

    Our Kenya AA has a strong, fruity aroma with a bright finish. 

  • Colombian
    Central American

    The finest coffee Colombia has to offer. Medium bodied with a well-rounded smoothness with milk chocolate and nutty notes.

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

    Coffees from the Yirgacheffe area of Sidama are known for their pronounced lemon and red berry flavors, a tea-like finish and delicate hints of jasmine and bergamot.

  • Ethiopian Harrar

    Harrar is bold and edgy coffee with complexity and spice tones that may include cinnamon, cardamom, blueberry jam, apricots, compote, even smoke, and with a lingering finish.

  • Ethiopian Sidamo

    Sweet citrus aromatics and pleasing maple syrup-like body. The wild sweet lemon and floral tones round out into a smooth, clean finish.

  • El Salvador

    Most El Salvador coffees are soft, ingratiating coffees with relatively subdued acidity.

  • Mexican
    Central American

    Mexican regions are typically mild flavor with medium body, and a pleasant, dry, acidy snap.

  • Peru
    South American

    Herbal and deep caramely notes dominate in many Peru coffees, with a medium to light body, the smoothness and complexity of this Peru coffee has become a fan favorite. 

  • Papua New Guinea

    A lively, full-bodied coffee with an earthy aroma and wine-like brightness.

  • Guatemala
    Central American

    The bourbon beans are meticulously processed and sorted, and the resulting cup is beautifully nuanced, with a delicate smoky tone and medium to light body.

  • Costa Rica
    Central American

    Costa Rican coffees are typically bright and balanced. A brisk citrus acidity and a perfectly balanced clean finish. 

  • Swiss Water Decaf Peru
    South American

    These coffees are grown in various regions that provide uniformity and a consistent quality. Peru coffee has a medium to light body, the smoothness and complexity.

  • Swiss Water Decaf Colombian
    Central American

    The finest Swiss Water Decaf coffee Colombia has to offer. Medium bodied with a well-rounded, very smooth.

  • Swiss Water Decaf French Roast
    South American

    Our darkest roasted coffee has intense aroma and is very pungent in flavor. The perfect brew to serve with rich desserts.


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