Caffeina Cares: Speak Your Silence

“To inspire people to prevent sexual abuse and assault by sharing their voice for those affected.”

About Speak Your Silence

We were founded in 2012 by Matt Pipkin, who was sexually abused by a trusted family friend at age 6. Believing he was at fault and fearing he’d devastate his family, Matt carried his secret burden for twenty years. A few years back, he finally shared his story, was overwhelmingly loved by his family, and sought counseling. This process changed Matt’s life, as he realized his innate value and worth.

Recognizing the magnitude of the problem and its deep role in so many other social issues, Matt became frustrated that so few innovative and scalable solutions existed. He believed that creative ideas and a warm approach were needed in order to shift the cultural dialogue. When people feel safe and at ease, they share their stories and come together to solve big problems.

Our zigzag symbol of your voice has proven to be a powerful, memorable platform, giving each person – whether personally affected or not – the opportunity to share their voice.

At Speak Your Silence, we challenge popular thought and do things atypical in the nonprofit world. We’re focused on being the very best, while also injecting as much fun as possible into everything we do. And, above all, we love people.

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